What You Should Know About Automatic Doors

While most people encounter automatic doors on a regular basis, not everyone is familiar with them. How do automatic doors work? Are there different types of automatic doors? If you’d like to learn more about these doors, how they operate, and door system suppliers,  you can find the information that you need below.

Automatic Folding Doors

These types of doors are usually used in situations where space is limited. Because of the way these doors open, less space is required during the installation process. With these doors, pedestrians will have the option of moving in either direction when passing through a door’s opening.

There are different types of folding doors available. While single fold doors are a popular option, bi-fold doors are also available. The style of folding doors used will vary based on the needs of the people that will be entering the building.

Automatic Sliding Doors

These doors are typically used in areas where traffic moves in a single direction. In some cases, there will be two sets of sliding doors placed on either side of a building. People entering the building will move through one set of doors, while people that are leaving the space will go through the other set of doors.

Like with folding doors, there are numerous options available. Single sliding doors, telescopic doors, and bi-parting doors are a few of the more commonly seen choices. These doors are an especially popular option for large retail spaces. These doors make it easier to monitor people as they enter or leave a building.

Automating Swinging Doors

According to GW GeWalt, like sliding doors, swinging doors are generally used for one-way traffic. These doors typically open in a single direction. In some cases, these doors can be operated manually and automatically. For example, pedestrians may be able to trigger automatic operation with the press of a button. When that is not necessary, the door can be opened normally.

There are many varieties of automatic swinging doors, including single doors, double doors, and pairs of doors. Since these doors usually only support traffic moving in one direction, it is common to see multiple sets of swinging doors used on a building.

Automatic Revolving Doors

Also known as rotating doors, these doors are best suited to areas that see extensive foot traffic. These doors make it possible for people to continuously enter or exit a building. Because these doors revolve, they can support traffic in both directions.

While manual revolving doors are also a popular option, automatic doors offer benefits, particularly in certain types of buildings. When people have to walk through doors while carrying items, a manual door can make things easier for them. These doors are also an excellent option in areas where germs are a major concern.

Many people have a limited understanding of automatic doors and how they work. Now that you have a better understanding of the different types of doors that are available, it will be easier to select doors that will be a good fit for your property.

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